The Heart of Silence Conference 2016

Day 1 - Silence as a Gateway to Relationship

Siobhan McGee - Introduction Talk

Maura Sills - Drawing Nigh and The Universal Flow of Silence Talk

Rebecca Crane Ph. D - Silence is Rarely Silent Presetation Talk

Alastair McNeilage - Pilgrims in the Room Workshop

Brian Keenan - not recorded

Plenary Session

Day 2 - Silence and the wider context

Siobhan McGee - Introduction Talk

Catherine McGee - Guided Meditation

Catherine McGee - A Heart of Silence Talk

Matthew Adams Ph. D and David Harley - Silence Research Presentation Talk

Mac Macartney - The Sound of Silence Talk

Plenary Session

Mindfulness and Beyond - 2009

Download a copy of the talks

Meditation 1 from Ajahn Sucitto

Meditation 2 from Ajahn Sucitto

Presentation 1 from Franklyn Sills

Presentation 2 from Christina Feldman

Presentation 3 from Chris Mace

Presentation 4 from Paul Gilbert

Presentation 6 from Maura Sills