Register of Members

S Supervisor RS Recognised Supervisor RTS Recognised Training Supervisor
Sue Abbotson, Accredited, Bath & North East Somerset , Sue Abbotson
Karon Aiolfi, Trainee, Dorset
Cheryl Allen, Accredited, Cornwall S RS RTS , Cheryl Allen Core Process Psychotherapy, Supervision and Training
Seema Alshirawi, Accredited Overseas
Gavin Anderson, Trainee
Madhu Anhes, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS
Matthew Appleton, Accredited, Avon
Helen Armstrong, Accredited , Helen Armstrong
Jennifer Ash, Accredited, Devon , Jennifer Ash - Blackdown Hills, Devon.
Natalie Ashley, Accredited, Devon , Natalie Ashley
Basia Avgoustidis, Trainee
Syed Azmatullah, Accredited, Brighton & Hove , Syed Azmatullah (Azmat)
Lisa Bailey, Student
Clive Barton, Accredited, Cornwall , Clive Barton , Clive Barton
Pauline Battson, Accredited
Andrew Baxter, Accredited, London , Andrew Baxter: London, UK , Andrew Baxter: Maidstone, Kent
Sue Baxter, Accredited, Norfolk , Sue Baxter
Cressida Bhavan, Trainee, Cornwall
Lorna Bird, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Lorna Bird
Joanna Bleau, Accredited, Midlothian , Joanna Bleau
Ken Blythin, Accredited, Greater Manchester S RS RTS , Ken Blythin
Janet Bowers, Accredited, Scottish Borders S RS RTS , Janet Bowers
Joshua Bowler, Accredited , Mr. Joshua Bowler
Carole Bradshaw, Accredited
Susannah Brindle, Accredited, Suffolk
Charlotte Brydon-Smith, Trainee
Jean Budge, Accredited, Edinburgh S RS RTS , Jean Budge , Jean Budge
Nick Buxton, Accredited, London , Nick Buxton
Neil Cadwallader, Accredited , Neil Cadwallader
Phillip Callaghan, Accredited S RS RTS , Philip Callaghan , Philip Callaghan
Lucia Capaldi, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Karenza-Monica Case, Friends
Alessandra Casini, Accredited, Devon , Alessandra Casini, MA, U.K.C.P. Psychotherapy in Devon and Cornwall
Eleanor Catherine, Trainee, Oxon
Sharon Charlton Thomson, Trainee, Bath and NE Somerset
Andrea Chrustawczuk, Accredited, Dorset
Jen Clark, Accredited Overseas, South Australia
Margot Clayton, Accredited , Margot Clayton
Diana Cliff, Accredited, Sussex , Diana Cliff
Alyson Coleman, Accredited
Caroline Coleman, Friends, Hampshire
Anna Colgan, Accredited, Ealing , Anna Colgan: Core Process Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing
Aine Collins, Accredited, East Sussex S RS RTS , Aine Collins Supervision, Psychotherapy
Patricia Connolly, Accredited, Middlesex S RS RTS , Psychotherapy & Counselling
David Cornwell, Accredited
Ana Corral, Student, Avon
Justine Corrie, Accredited, Somerset , Justine Corrie
Julian Cowan Hill, Accredited, London , Julian Cowan Hill , Julian Cowan Hill - Core Process Psychotherapy
Danielle Crawshaw, Accredited, Bruton, Somerset , Danielle Crawshaw
Caterine Cremieu-Alcan, Accredited, Somerset , Psychotherapy & Counselling - Ashcott
Juliet Crittenden, Accredited, Devon , Juliet Crittenden
Janet Croft, Accredited, Herts. S RS RTS , Janet Croft
Ciara Cronin, Accredited Overseas
Ross Crookshank, Accredited , Ross Crookshank Psychotherapy
Helen Cross, Accredited, Devon , Helen Cross: Core Process Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision
Chris Cullen, Accredited, Oxon
Michael Dalton, Friends, Waterford, Ireland
Heather Darwall-Smith, Accredited, Oxon , Heather Darwall-Smith
Bridget Davey, Accredited, London , Core Process Psychotherapy in SE London
Anthony Davids, Accredited, Hertfordshire , Being to Being Counselling and Psychotherapy
Debra Davies, Accredited Overseas, Co Cork, Ireland
Kathryn Davies, Accredited , Kathryn Davies
Francis Deas, Accredited, Wiltshire S RS RTS , Francis Deas
Clare Degenhardt, Trainee
John Dickson, Accredited, Fife
Laura Donington, Honorary, London and Cheshire S RS RTS , Laura Donington Accredited Core Process Supervisor/Training supervisor. Hon Member UKCP , Laura Donington Accredited Supervisor/Training supervisor/Hon Member UKCP
Mark Edmunds, Trainee
Rachel Edwards, Trainee
Bethan Elsdale, Accredited, City of Edinburgh S RS RTS , Bethan Elsdale
Keith Evans, Accredited , Red Crane Counselling & Psychotherapy
Rob Fairclough, Trainee
Mu'Dita Farrell, Accredited, Somerset , Mu’Dita Farrell
Quintus Farrell, Accredited , Quintus Farrell Therapies
Emma Feasby, Trainee, Wiltshire
Shaun Featherstone, Trainee
Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke, Accredited, Avon , Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke
Sarah Frances, Accredited, East Sussex , Sarah Frances
Bethany Friedeberg, Trainee
Meghan Fulton, Accredited, Kent and London , Meghan Fulton Psychotherapy in London
Marianne Gabriel, Accredited Overseas, Cork
Rosswell Gadsden, Accredited, Hampshire S RS RTS , Core Process Psychotherapy in Southampton , Core Process Psychotherapy on line , Mindfulness-based Supervision at the DGH , Rosswell Gadsden at the DGH
Natalie Galvin, Accredited, Cornwall , Natalie Galvin
Di Gammage, Accredited, Devon
Keren Ghitis, Trainee, Sussex
Andy Gibb, Accredited, Devon , Andy Gibb Private Practice
Helen Gibson, Trainee, Argyll & Bute
Moira Gilmour, Accredited
Raf Goovaerts, Accredited, London , Raf Goovaerts - North London , Raf Goovaerts - Online Sessions , Raf Goovaerts - Stillpoint Spaces in Central London
Marise Gowenlock, Accredited, East Lothian
Aran Graham, Trainee
Alexandra Graves, Accredited, Derbyshire S RS RTS , Alexandra Graves
Anne Greenacre, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Julia Gresty, Accredited, Bristol S RS RTS , Experienced Core Process Psychotherapist
Geraldine Griffin, Accredited Overseas, Co Dublin
Nuala Gronbach, Trainee
Susan Groves, Accredited, West Midlands , Susan Groves Core Process Psychotherapy
Leonie Guest, Accredited, East Sussex
Helen Gunson, Accredited, Bristol
Eamon Hannaway, Accredited, North Yorkshire , Eamon Hannaway - North Yorkshire
Franceska Hannis, Accredited, Devon , psychotherapy and counselling
Suvaco Hansen, Accredited, Devon , Suvaco Hansen
Jane Haydon, Accredited, Berkshire
simon heale, Accredited, South Yorkshire
Emer Heavey, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Emer Heavey
Cathie Hendrick, Accredited , Cathie Hendrick, Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Peter Heneghan, Trainee
Monika Hext, Accredited, Devon , Monika Hext , Monika Hext , Monika Hext
Ben Hill, Trainee, Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Hill, Accredited, Kent
Marilyn Hills, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Counselling and Psychotherapy Somerset , marilyn hills
Susanna Hoare, Accredited, Cornwall , Susanna Hoare , Susanna Hoare
Stephanie Hodgson, Accredited, Oxon , Steph Hodgson
Marie Howard, Accredited, Devon , Marie Howard, South Devon, Stoke Gabriel Private Practice
Veronica Howard, Accredited, London S RS RTS
Mark Hunt, Accredited, Devon
Oliver Hutson, Trainee, Surrey
Sabina Ilyas, Student
Caroline Ives, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Julie Jeffs, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Geoff Johnson, Accredited, Middlesex S RS RTS
Gina Jones, Accredited, Northamptonshire S RS RTS , Gina Jones Northampton Psychotherapy & Supervision
Louisa Jones, Accredited, Carmarthenshire , Louisa Jones
Susan Jordan, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Susan Jordan Psychotherapy and Focusing
David Kalisch, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Catherine Kasterine, Accredited
Sian Keary, Trainee, Co Wicklow
Celine Keogh, Accredited Overseas, Dublin9
Jillian Kirkpatrick, Trainee, South Wales
Sarah Knevitt, Accredited, Cornwall
Alan Knowles, Accredited, Cheshire , Private Practice
Annette Knowles, Accredited, Greater Manchester S RS RTS , Annette Knowles
Akhila Kuprat, Accredited Sabbatical, WLS
Joanna Lawrence-Mills, Accredited, Wiltshire , Psychotherapy in Bath - Jo Lawrence-Mills
Clare Layton, Accredited, London Borough of Camden S RS RTS , Clare Layton
Sarah Lidsey, Accredited, Dorset , Sarah Lidsey , Sarah Lidsey - Violet Hill, London NW8
Jane Lindsay, Accredited, London S RS RTS , JANE LINDSAY
Christine Linfield, Accredited, Moretonhampstead S RS , Christine Linfield - Dartmoor Psychotherapy
David Litchfield, Accredited, East Sussex , David Litchfield - Deep Connection (Hanover, Brighton) , David Litchfield - Deep Connection (North Laine, Brighton)
Sandra Lloyd-Williams, Accredited
Chloe Lockley, Accredited, Cornwall , Chloe Lockley
Chuey Loh, Accredited, London S RS RTS , Chuey Loh , Chuey Loh - Golders Green
Kay Luck, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Kay Luck BA post grad DipSW MA UKCP reg ESTD
John MacFadyen, Accredited, East Lothian S RS RTS
Sue MacFadyen, Accredited, East Lothian S RS RTS
Maggie MacKechnie, Accredited
Penny Maddrell, Accredited, Cambridgeshire , Penny Maddrell
Sean Maloney, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Susan Mashkes, Trainee
Nicholas May, Accredited, Co Down , Open Heart Therapy
Siobhan Mcgee, Accredited, South Glos S RS RTS , Siobhan McGee
Pinar McGivern, Accredited, Hertfordshire , Berkhamsted , Pinar McGivern
Alastair McNeilage, Accredited, Essex S RS RTS , Alastair McNeilage
Lucy Melluish, Trainee
Hannya Melrose, Accredited, Gloucestershire , Core Process Psychotherapy
Tom Mercer, Trainee
Eliza Meredith, Accredited, Somerset , Eliza Meredith
Tanya Meschko, Accredited, Cornwall
Lucy Messervy, Accredited, East Sussex S RS RTS
Elisabeth Mitchell, Accredited, Somerset , Elisabeth Mitchell
Joanna Monaghan, Trainee
Rachel Morgan, Accredited, Gloucestershire S
Dominic Morris, Trainee
Gary Morter, Trainee, Gloucestershire
Amanda Munday, Trainee, West Sussex
Anna Murray Preece, Accredited, Devon , Anna Murray Preece - Core Process Psychotherapy
Meghan Mysa, Accredited, Devon , Meghan Mysa Psychotherapy, Adults and Teens South Devon
Garth Naude, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Garth Naude - Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Emma Nelson, Accredited, Edinburgh , Emma Nelson Psychotherapy
Lisa Nezam, Student, Somerset
Christine Nicholson, Accredited, Stirlingshire , Christine Nicholson
Kathryn Norie, Trainee
Bernadette O'Brien, Accredited, Oxfordshire , Bernadette O'Brien
Roland Oliver, Accredited, Surrey , Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapist
Georgina Osborne, Accredited, Cornwall S RS RTS , Georgina Osborne , Georgina Osborne
Simon Osborne, Accredited, London , Simon Osborne
Anne Overzee, Accredited Non Clinical, Devon S RS RTS
Louise Padgett, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS
Samantha Paranavitana, Trainee, Victoria 3149
Yvonne Parkins, Accredited, Middlesex S RS RTS , Yvonne Parkins Core Process Psychotherapist, UKCP registered
Kay Parkinson, Accredited, Penzance , Core Process Psychotherapist
Chanchala Patra, Trainee, Bedford
Karolina Pawinska, Accredited, West Midlands , Karolina Pawinska , Karolina Pawinska
Max Pentreath, Trainee
Mary Pipes, Friends
Robyn Poole, Friends, Western Cape
Claire Prendergast, Trainee, East Sussex
Kirsty Rankine, Accredited Time Out, London
Judith Rawlings, Friends, Somerset
Bronwen Rees, Accredited, Suffolk , Bronwen Rees, Thatched Cottage, Wixoe, Suffolk border, near Haverhill
Ian Rees, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Ian Rees Psychotherapist, Supervisor , Trainer. , Ian Rees Psychotherapist, Supervisor , Trainer.
Duncan Reid, Accredited
Patrick Renner , Trainee
Vicky Rice-Weber, Accredited Overseas, Jersey
Katharine Rider, Accredited, Avon , Katharine Rider
Julia Rivas, Accredited, East Sussex , Julia Rivas
Serena Roche, Accredited, Sussex
Duncan Roebuck, Accredited , Duncan Roebuck Counselling & Psychotherapy
Wojciech Rogowski, Accredited, London , On Line Supervision, Psychotherapy and Counselling
Achalavira Rose, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Achalavira Rose - Psychotherapy , Achalavira Rose - Psychotherapy
Joanna Rotas, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Joanna Rotas
Michael Russoff, Trainee, Suffolk
Jane Sanders, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Jane Sanders
Joanna Savory, Accredited, Ceredigion , Joanna Savory
Mat Schencks, Accredited
Jurgen Schmidt, Accredited, East Sussex , Dr Jurgen Carlo Schmidt
James Scurry, Accredited , James Scurry - Core Process Psychotherapist
Kalima Sharvit, Accredited Overseas, Israel
Satya Shepherd, Accredited, Devon , Satya Shepherd
Mark Shiels, Accredited
Franklyn Sills, Honorary, Devon S RS RTS
Maura Sills, Honorary, Devon S RS RTS
Stephen Silverton, Accredited, North East and Central London S RS RTS , Steve Silverton - psychotherapy in Hackney, N16, North East London
Roberta Sisson, Friends, Shropshire
Lucy Skelton Greenwood, Accredited, East Sussex , Kemptown Psychotherapy
Karin Solbrandt, Trainee, B.C.
Alan Stoddart, Trainee
Ally Stott, Accredited, Oxfordshire , Ally Stott - Jericho Oxford , Ally Stott - Port Meadow Oxford
Ian Strang, Accredited, Glasgow , Ian Strang - Glasgow, Scotland
Rob Stratton, Accredited , Rob Stratton Psychotherapist
Tessa Strickland, Accredited, Somerset , Tessa Strickland
Nina Stubbs, Accredited
James Sutherland, Accredited, City of Edinburgh S RS RTS
Colin Sutton, Accredited, Devon , Colin Sutton MA UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
Nick Swan, Accredited, Ayrshire S RS RTS , nick swan
Sarah Sweet, Accredited, East Sussex , Sarah Sweet Psychotherapy
Beatriz Swygart, Accredited
Tim Synge, Accredited, Greater London , Tim Synge, MA, BCST, UKCP | Camden Town, London NW1
Patricia Taddei, Accredited, Scottish Borders S RS RTS , Psychotherapy & Supervision
Dorinda Talbot, Accredited , Dorinda Talbot Psychotherapy
Angela Taylor, Accredited, Cornwall
Katy Taylor, Accredited, Avon S RS , Katy Taylor
Alyss Thomas, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Alyss Thomas Psychotherapy
Rachael Thomas, Accredited, Devon , Rachael Thomas
Rosalind Thompson, Accredited, Aberdeenshire , Psychotherapy and counselling
Roberta Toblini, Accredited, Devon
Edward Tuffnell, Accredited, Cambridgeshire
Adrienne van Dorpen, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Adrienne van Dorpen - Psychotherapist & Supervisor , Adrienne van Dorpen - Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Marja Vanhala, Accredited Overseas
Stephanie Verhoeven, Accredited Overseas
Nicole Verity, Accredited
Brigit Viney, Trainee
Tatiana Voloshina, Accredited, Suffolk , Core Process Psychotherapist , Core Process Psychotherapist
Debbie Wander, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Miriam Ware, Accredited, Buckinghamshire S RS RTS
Davina Wellesley, Trainee, Oxon
Naomi West, Accredited Overseas, Jersey (C.I)
Jonny White, Accredited, Somerset , Jonathan White
Erica Whitfield, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Erica Whitfield
Anne Williams, Friends, Somerset S RS RTS
Gwyn Williams, Trainee
Angela Willow, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Flora Winchester, Accredited, Oxfordshire S RS RTS , Flora Winchester , Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy
Sylvia Wingens, Accredited, London , Mindfulness Based Therapy - Highbury , Mindfulness Based Therapy - Greenwich Blackheath , Mindfulness Based Therapy - Islington
Robert Wolk, Accredited, London
Nick Wolstenholme, Accredited, London , Nick Wolstenholme
Rachel Wood, Accredited, Cornwall , Rachel Wood
Bernie Wooder, Accredited, Hertfordshire S RS RTS
David Woods, Accredited
Nicola Woods, Trainee
Mark Wright, Accredited, Devon , Mark Wright
David Yaffey, Accredited, Powys
Adele Yaron, Accredited, East Sussex S RS , Adele Yaron UKCP
Susanne Zahn-Willsdon, Accredited , Susanne Zahn-Willsdon