Register of Members

S Supervisor RS Recognised Supervisor RTS Recognised Training Supervisor
Sue Abbotson, Accredited, Bath & North East Somerset , Sue Abbotson
Cheryl Allen, Accredited, Cornwall S RS RTS , Cheryl Allen
Holly Allen, Accredited
Seema Alshirawi, Accredited Overseas
Gavin Anderson, Accredited
Madhu Anhes, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Madhu Anhes
Laura Appel, Accredited, Wiltshire , Laura Appel - Mindfulness based Psychotherapy in Corsham, Wiltshire
Matthew Appleton, Accredited, Avon , Matthew Appleton
Helen Armstrong, Accredited , Helen Armstrong
Jennifer Ash, Accredited, Devon , Jennifer Ash - Blackdown Hills, Devon.
Basia Avgoustidis, Accredited , Basia Avgoustidis - Core Process Psychotherapy in Camden, Belgravia, Kings Cross
Syed Azmatullah, Honorary, Brighton & Hove , Syed Azmatullah (Azmat)
Anna Backholm, Trainee , Anna Backholm
Lisa Bailey, Trainee , Lisa Bailey
Tim Barker, Trainee , Tim Barker
Portia Bartlett, Trainee , Portia Bartlett - Bristol
Clive Barton, Friends, Hampshire
Pauline Battson, Accredited S RS RTS
Andrew Baxter, Accredited, London , Andrew Baxter: London, UK
Sue Baxter, Accredited, Norfolk , Sue Baxter
Sydney Bayley, Honorary, Essex
Anne Becker Upton, Accredited, Devon
Ian Bell, Accredited , Core Process Psychotherapy
Amanda Bellamy, Trainee, N Yorks
Cressida Bhavan, Accredited, Cornwall , Cressida Bhavan
Lorna Bird, Accredited Non Clinical, Devon S RS RTS
Sarah Bishop, Trainee, Essex , Sarah Bishop
Sue Blackburn, Accredited, Devon , Sue Blackburn
Joanna Bleau, Accredited, Midlothian , Joanna Bleau
Laura Blundell, Trainee , Laura Blundell
Ken Blythin, Accredited, Greater Manchester S RS RTS , Ken Blythin
Mark Bowen, Trainee, Cornwall , Mark Bowen
Janet Bowers, Accredited, Scottish Borders S RS RTS , Janet Bowers
Joshua Bowler, Accredited , Mr. Joshua Bowler
Carole Bradshaw, Accredited, Somerset
Aubrey Brand, Trainee, Devon , Aubrey Brand
Susannah Brindle, Accredited, Suffolk
Alison Brooks, Trainee
Charlotte Brydon-Smith, Trainee , Central Bristol Psychotherapy
Jean Budge, Accredited, Edinburgh S RS RTS , Jean Budge - NE Edinburgh , Jean Budge - The Whole Works
Nick Buxton, Accredited, London , Nick Buxton
Neil Cadwallader, Accredited, Merseyside , Neil Cadwallader
Phillip Callaghan, Accredited S RS RTS , Philip Callaghan
Lucia Capaldi, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Lucia Capaldi
Karenza-Monica Case, Honorary
Eleanor Catherine, Accredited, Oxon , Eleanor Catherine: Core Process Psychotherapy
Taara Chandani, Accredited Overseas
Sharon Charlton Thomson, Accredited, Bath and NE Somerset , Sharon Charlton Thomson
Andrea Chrustawczuk, Accredited, Dorset
Jen Clark, Accredited, Scotland , Jen Clark
Margot Clayton, Accredited , Margot Clayton
Diana Cliff, Accredited, Sussex , Diana Cliff
Rebecca Cobb, Accredited, Surrey
Emily Cole, Trainee , Emily Cole - Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapy
Alyson Coleman, Accredited S RS
Caroline Coleman, Friends, Hampshire
Nicholas Coles, Trainee, Devon
Anna Colgan, Accredited, Ealing , Anna Colgan: Core Process Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing
Daniel Colgan, Accredited Overseas
Aine Collins, Accredited, East Sussex S RS RTS
Patricia Connolly, Accredited S RS RTS , Psychotherapy & Counselling
Daniel Conway, Trainee , Daniel Conway
Andrew Cooke, Trainee , Andrew Cooke
David Cornwell, Accredited Overseas
Ana Corral, Trainee, Somerset , Ana Corral - Trainee in Core Process Psychotherapy , Ana Corral Trainee in Core Process Psycotherapy
Justine Corrie, Accredited, Somerset , Justine Corrie
Tom Costley, Accredited
Julian Cowan Hill, Accredited, London , Julian Cowan Hill , Julian Cowan Hill - Core Process Psychotherapy
Sarah Cox, Trainee
Martin Crawley, Trainee, Devon
Danielle Crawshaw, Accredited Overseas
Caterine Cremieu-Alcan, Accredited, Somerset , Psychotherapy & Counselling - Ashcott
Juliet Crittenden, Accredited, Devon , Juliet Crittenden
Janet Croft, Friends, Herts. S RS RTS
Ciara Cronin, Accredited Overseas, Co Dublin
Helen Cross, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Helen Cross: Core Process Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision
Chris Cullen, Accredited, Oxon , Chris Cullen
Simone Da Costa, Accredited Overseas
Michael Dalton, Friends, Waterford, Ireland
Heather Darwall-Smith, Accredited Sabbatical, Oxon
Bridget Davey, Accredited, London S RS , Bridget Davey Psychotherapy & Supervision in SE London
Anthony Davids, Accredited, Hertfordshire S RS RTS , Anthony Davids, Therapist and Supervisor , Anthony Davids, Therapist and Supervisor , Being to Being Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision
Debra Davies, Accredited Overseas, Co Cork, Ireland
Kathryn Davies, Accredited , Kathryn Davies , Kathryn Davies
Howard Davis, Friends
Francis Deas, Accredited, Pembrokshire S RS RTS , Francis Deas
Clare Degenhardt, Trainee, Greater Manchester
John Dickson, Accredited, Fife
Laura Donington, Honorary, London and Cheshire S RS RTS , Laura Donington Accredited Core Process Supervisor/Training supervisor. Hon Member UKCP , Laura Donington Accredited Supervisor/Training supervisor/Hon Member UKCP
Saskia Ebus, Accredited Overseas
Mark Edmunds, Accredited , Mark Edmunds MA
Rachel Edwards, Accredited , Rachel Edwards
Bethan Elsdale, Accredited, City of Edinburgh S RS RTS , Bethan Elsdale
Lorna Ely, Accredited, West Sussex , Lorna Ely
Alison Enright, Student
Alexandra Evans, Trainee , Alex Evans
Keith Evans, Accredited , Red Crane Counselling & Psychotherapy
Rob Fairclough, Accredited , Rob Fairclough - core process psychotherapist
Mu'Dita Farrell, Accredited, Somerset , Mu’Dita Farrell
Quintus Farrell, Accredited S RS RTS , Quintus Farrell Therapies
Emma Feasby, Accredited, Wiltshire , Emma Feasby Psychotherapy
Fiona Feather, Accredited
Shaun Featherstone, Trainee , Shaun Featherstone
Erica Fernandes, Accredited, Kent , Erica Fernandes Mindful Psychotherapy in London & Kent
Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke, Accredited, Avon , Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke
Sarah Frances, Accredited, East Sussex , Sarah Frances , Sarah Frances
Beth Friedeberg, Accredited, Select State , Beth Friedeberg
Meghan Fulton, Accredited, Kent and London , Meghan Fulton Psychotherapy, London & Kent
Marianne Gabriel, Accredited Overseas, Cork
Rosswell Gadsden, Accredited, Hampshire S RS RTS , Core Process Psychotherapy in Southampton
Kasia Galagus, Trainee , Kasia Galagus Therapy and Coaching
Natalie Galvin, Accredited, Cornwall , Natalie Galvin
Di Gammage, Accredited, Devon
Keren Ghitis, Accredited, Sussex
Andy Gibb, Accredited, Devon , Andy Gibb Private Practice
Helen Gibson, Accredited, Argyll & Bute , Helen Gibson
Raf Goovaerts, Accredited, London , Raf Goovaerts - North London , Raf Goovaerts - Online Sessions
Marise Gowenlock, Accredited, East Lothian
Aran Graham, Trainee
Alexandra Graves, Accredited, Derbyshire S RS RTS , Alexandra Graves
Toby Gray, Trainee
Anne Greenacre, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Julia Gresty, Accredited, Bristol S RS RTS , Experienced Core Process Psychotherapist
Geraldine Griffin, Accredited Overseas, Co Kilkenny
Nuala Gronbach, Accredited, Co. Wicklow
Susan Groves, Accredited, West Midlands , Susan Groves
Leonie Guest, Accredited, East Sussex
Helen Gunson, Accredited, Bristol S RS , Helen Gunson
Kate Guscott, Trainee , Kate Guscott
Eamon Hannaway, Accredited, North Yorkshire , Eamon Hannaway - North Yorkshire
Franceska Hannis, Accredited, Devon , Franceska Hannis psychotherapy and counselling
Suvaco Norman Hansen, Accredited, Devon , Suvaco Norman Hansen
Mark Harrod, Student, Devon
Jane Haydon, Accredited, Berkshire , Jane Haydon
simon heale, Accredited, South Yorkshire
Emer Heavey, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Emer Heavey
cathie hendrick, Accredited , Cathie Hendrick, Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Peter Heneghan, Trainee
Monika Hext, Accredited, Devon , Monika Hext , Monika Hext , Monika Hext
Ben Hill, Accredited, Oxfordshire , Ben Hill, In-Process Psychotherapy , Ben Hill, In-Process Psychotherapy Oxford
Marilyn Hills, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Counselling and Psychotherapy Somerset , marilyn hills
Susanna Hoare, Accredited, Cornwall , Susanna Hoare , Susanna Hoare
Stephanie Hodgson, Accredited, Oxon , Steph Hodgson
Nikki Holmes, Trainee , Nikki Holmes
(Mary) Veronica Howard, Accredited, London S RS RTS
Marie Howard, Accredited Sabbatical, Devon
Mark Hunt, Accredited, Devon S RS
Oliver Hutson, Accredited, Surrey
Sabina Ilyas, Trainee , Core Process Psychotherapist in London
Alexander Isaksson, Accredited
Caroline Ives, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Julie Jeffs, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Geoff Johnson, Accredited, Middlesex S RS RTS
Gina Jones, Accredited, Northamptonshire S RS RTS , Gina Jones -Northampton Psychotherapy & Supervision
Louisa Jones, Accredited, Carmarthenshire , Louisa Jones
Susan Jordan, Honorary, Devon S
David Kalisch, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Catherine Kasterine, Accredited
Sian Keary, Associate Overseas, Co Wicklow
Celine Keogh, Accredited Overseas, Dublin9
Susan Kidel, Accredited, Somerset
Alexandra Kimber, Trainee, Wilts , Trainee Core Process Psychotherapist
Jillian Kirkpatrick, Accredited, South Wales
Alan Knowles, Accredited, Cambs , Private Practice
Annette Knowles, Accredited, Cambridgeshire S RS RTS , Annette Knowles
Akhila Kuprat, Accredited Time Out, WLS
Sasha Laskey, Accredited
Joanna Lawrence-Mills, Accredited, Wiltshire , Psychotherapy in Bath - Jo Lawrence-Mills
Clare Layton, Accredited, London Borough of Camden S RS RTS , Clare Layton
Josh Lee, Trainee , Josh Lee - Trainee in Core Process Psychotherapy
Karen Lerpiniere, Trainee, Berwickshire , Karen Lerpiniere - Core Process Psychotherapy
Jennifer Lewis, Accredited, Devon , Jennifer Lewis
Sarah Lidsey, Accredited, Dorset , Sarah Lidsey , Sarah Lidsey
Jane Lindsay, Accredited, London S RS RTS , JANE LINDSAY
Christine Linfield, Accredited, Moretonhampstead S RS , Christine Linfield - Dartmoor Psychotherapy
David Litchfield, Accredited, East Sussex S RS RTS , David Litchfield - Deep Connection (Hanover, Brighton)
Sandra Lloyd-Williams, Accredited , Core Process Psychotherapy in Cardiff and S.Wales
Chloe Lockley, Friends, Hampshire
Sonja Lockyer, Trainee, Dorset , Sonja Lockyer
Chuey Loh, Accredited, London S RS RTS , Chuey Loh - Golders Green
Judy Lown, Honorary, East Sussex
Kay Luck, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Kay Luck BA post grad DipSW MA UKCP reg ESTD
John MacFadyen, Accredited, East Lothian S RS RTS
Sue MacFadyen, Accredited Time Out, East Lothian S RS RTS
Maggie MacKechnie, Accredited
Penny Maddrell, Accredited, Cambridgeshire , Penny Maddrell
Sean Maloney, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Richard (Devamurti) Manley, Trainee, Devon , Therapy South Devon with Senior Trainee Psychotherapist, Deva
Susan Mashkes, Accredited
Nicholas May, Accredited, Co Down , Open Heart Therapy
Kenny McCarthy, Trainee , Kenny McCarthy Psychotherapy
Siobhan Mcgee, Accredited, South Glos S RS RTS , Siobhan McGee
Pinar McGivern, Accredited , Pinar McGivern
Stella McKenna, Student
Josie McLellan, Student, Avon
Alastair McNeilage, Accredited, Essex S RS RTS , Alastair McNeilage
Lucy Melluish, Accredited , Lucy Melluish
Hannya Melrose, Accredited, Gloucestershire , Core Process Psychotherapy
Tom Mercer, Accredited
Eliza Meredith, Accredited, Somerset , Eliza Meredith
Lucy Messervy, Accredited, East SUSSEX S RS RTS , Lucy Messervy
Eleanor Minney, Trainee, Oxfordshire , Eleanor Minney Resource - psychotherapist in training
Elisabeth Mitchell, Accredited, Somerset , Elisabeth Mitchell
Joanna Monaghan, Accredited , Joanna Monaghan - Core Process psychotherapy - London N1
Caroline Moore, Trainee , Caroline Moore
Rachel Morgan, Accredited, Gloucestershire S RS RTS , Rachel Morgan , Rachel Morgan
Dominic Morris, Accredited , Dominic Morris
Tracy Mortensen, Trainee , Tracy Mortensen
Gary Morter, Accredited Sabbatical, Gloucestershire
Amanda Munday, Accredited, West Sussex , Amanda Munday - Worthing
Anna Murray Preece, Accredited, Devon , Anna Murray Preece - Core Process Psychotherapy
Garth Naude, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Garth Naude - Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Emma Nelson, Accredited, Edinburgh , Emma Nelson Psychotherapy
Lisa Nezam, Trainee, Somerset , Lisa Nezam
Beth Nicholas, Trainee, Somerset , Beth Nicholas
Christine Nicholson, Accredited, Stirlingshire S RS RTS , Christine Nicholson Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Narissi Nohlgren, Trainee , Narissi Nohlgren
Kathryn Norie, Accredited , Bristol Therapy Hub
Bernadette O'Brien, Accredited, Oxfordshire S RS , Bernadette O'Brien
Siobhan O'Donnell, Trainee
Roland Oliver, Accredited, Surrey , Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapist
Georgina Osborne, Accredited, Cornwall S RS RTS , Georgina Osborne , Georgina Osborne
Simon Osborne, Accredited, London , Simon Osborne
Anne Overzee, Accredited Non Clinical, Devon S RS RTS
Louise Padgett, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS
Samantha Paranavitana, Accredited Overseas, Victoria 3149
Yvonne Parkins, Accredited, Middlesex S RS RTS , Yvonne Parkins Core Process Psychotherapist, UKCP registered
Kay Parkinson, Accredited, Penzance , Core Process Psychotherapist
Chanchala Patra, Accredited, Bedford , Chanchala Patra: Therapy in Central London
Karolina Pawinska, Accredited, West Midlands , Karolina Pawinska
Emily Pearce, Friends, Devon
Max Pentreath, Accredited , Max Pentreath
Joanna Phillips, Accredited, Devon , Jo Phillips
Mary Pipes, Friends, Norfolk
Robyn Poole, Associate Overseas, Cape Town
Laura Power, Accredited , Laura Power
Claire Prendergast, Trainee, East Sussex , Claire Prendergast
Alex Pugh, Trainee, Devon , Alex Pugh Psychotherapy
Vasiliki Pyrgidou, Accredited , Vasiliki Pyrgidou Core Process Psychotherapist
Kirsty Rankine, Accredited Time Out, London
Judith Rawlings, Friends, Somerset
Anudita Reddy, Accredited
Bronwen Rees, Accredited, Suffolk , Bronwen Rees, Thatched Cottage, Wixoe, Suffolk border, near Haverhill
Ian Rees, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Ian Rees Psychotherapist, Supervisor , Trainer. , Ian Rees Psychotherapist, Supervisor , Trainer.
Duncan Reid, Accredited
Patrick Renner, Accredited , Core Process Therapist
Vicky Rice-Weber, Accredited Overseas, Jersey
Katharine Rider, Accredited, Avon , Katharine Rider
Ella Risi, Accredited, Somerset
Julia Rivas, Accredited, East Sussex , Julia Rivas
Serena Roche, Accredited, Sussex
Duncan Roebuck, Accredited , Duncan Roebuck Counselling & Psychotherapy
Wojciech Rogowski, Accredited, London , On Line Supervision, Psychotherapy and Counselling
Achalavira Rose, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Achalavira Rose - Psychotherapy
Joanna Rotas, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Joanna Rotas
Michael Russoff, Accredited, Suffolk
Jane Sanders, Accredited, Somerset S RS RTS , Jane Sanders
Ramya Sastry, Accredited Overseas, KA
Joanna Savory, Accredited, Ceredigion , Joanna Savory
Raquel Scheid, Accredited , Raquel Scheid - Core Process Psychotherapist
Mat Schencks, Accredited
Jurgen Schmidt, Accredited, East Sussex , Dr Jurgen Carlo Schmidt
James Scurry, Accredited , James Scurry - Core Process Psychotherapist
Beatriz Serrano, Accredited , Beatriz Serrano Mindfulness based Psychoterapy
Mark Shanagher, Trainee, Devon , Mark Shanagher
Murray Sharp, Accredited , Murray Sharp Psychotherapy
Kalima Sharvit, Accredited Overseas, Israel
Lucy Sheehan, Trainee, Abergavenny , Lucy Sheehan , Lucy Sheehan , Lucy Sheehan
Satya Shepherd, Accredited, Devon , Satya Shepherd
Mark Shiels, Accredited
Franklyn Sills, Honorary, Devon S RS RTS
Maura Sills, Honorary, Devon S RS RTS
Stephen Silverton, Accredited, North East and Central London S RS RTS , Steve Silverton - psychotherapy in Hackney, N16, North East London
Roberta Sisson, Friends, Shropshire
Lucy Skelton Greenwood, Accredited, County , Lucy Skelton Greenwood Psychotherapy
Gemma Spence, Trainee, Somerset
Nina Sternthal, Accredited Overseas
Maxine Stevens, Trainee, Devon , Maxine Stevens , Maxine Stevens
Alan Stoddart, Accredited , Alan Stoddart Psychotherapy
Ally Stott, Accredited, Oxfordshire , Ally Stott - Jericho Oxford , Ally Stott - Port Meadow Oxford
Ian Strang, Accredited, Glasgow , Ian Strang - Glasgow, Scotland
Rob Stratton, Accredited S RS , Rob Stratton Psychotherapist
Tessa Strickland, Accredited, Somerset , Tessa Strickland
Nina Stubbs, Accredited , Nina Stubbs
James Sutherland, Accredited, City of Edinburgh S RS RTS
Colin Sutton, Accredited, Devon , Colin Sutton MA UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
Nick Swan, Accredited, Ayrshire S RS RTS , nick swan
Sarah Sweet, Accredited, East Sussex , Core Process Psychotherapy, EMDR and Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor psychotherapy , Sarah Sweet Psychotherapy , Sarah Sweet Psychotherapy
Tim Synge, Accredited, London , Tim Synge, MA, BCST, UKCP | Camden Town, London NW1
Patricia Taddei, Accredited, Scottish Borders S RS RTS
Dorinda Talbot, Accredited , Dorinda Talbot
Angela Taylor, Accredited, Cornwall
Katy Taylor, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Katy Taylor
Alyss Thomas, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Alyss Thomas Psychotherapy
Rachael Thomas, Accredited, Devon , Rachael Thomas
Rosalind Thompson, Accredited, Aberdeenshire , Psychotherapy and counselling
Roberta Toblini, Accredited, Devon
Adar Treger, Associate Overseas
Edward Tuffnell, Accredited, Cambridgeshire
Barbara Ungaro, Accredited
Adrienne van Dorpen, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS , Adrienne van Dorpen - Psychotherapist & Supervisor
Nicholas Vassilopoulos, Trainee, London , Nicholas Vassilopoulos , West London therapy (Chiswick)
Stephanie Verhoeven, Accredited Overseas
Nicole Verity, Accredited
Brigit Viney, Accredited , Brigit Viney - Cambridge
Tatiana Voloshina, Accredited, Suffolk , Core Process Psychotherapist , Core Process Psychotherapist
Debbie Wander, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Emily Ward, Trainee, Gwynedd , Emily Ward
Miriam Ware, Accredited, Buckinghamshire S RS RTS , Miriam Ware - Core Process Psychotherapist
Jilly Warrick, Accredited Non Clinical, Devon
Akincano M. Weber, Accredited Overseas, Cologne (Germany)
Sarah Webster, Trainee, Hertfordshire
Davina Wellesley, Accredited, Oxon , Davina's psychotherapy
Naomi West, Accredited Overseas, Jersey (C.I)
Jonny White, Accredited, Somerset , Jonathan White
Erica Whitfield, Accredited, Avon S RS RTS , Erica Whitfield
Gwyn Williams, Accredited , Gwyn psychotherapy Cardiff
Angela Willow, Accredited, Devon S RS RTS
Flora Winchester, Accredited, Oxfordshire S RS RTS , Flora Winchester Psychotherapist + Supervisor
Sylvia Wingens, Accredited, London S RS , Mindfulness Based Therapy and Supervision - Islington , Mindfulness Based Therapy and Supervision - Greenwich , Mindfulness Based Therapy and supervision - Holloway
John Witney, Student
Robert Wolk, Accredited, London , Psychotherapy
Nick Wolstenholme, Accredited, London , Nick Wolstenholme
Rachel Wood, Accredited, Cornwall , Rachel Wood
Bernie Wooder, Accredited, Hertfordshire S RS RTS
Nicola Woods, Accredited
James Wormell, Trainee , James Wormell
Mark Wright, Accredited, Devon , Mark Wright
Natalie Wyn-Page, Accredited, Devon , Natalie Wyn-Page
David Yaffey, Accredited, Powys
Adele Yaron, Accredited, East Sussex S RS RTS , Adele Yaron UKCP
Susanne Zahn-Willsdon, Accredited , Core Process Psychotherapy Canonbury/Islington, Susanne Zahn-Willsdon , Core Process Psychotherapy Highbury and Islington, Susanne Zahn-Willsdon