About ACPP

The Association of Core Process Psychotherapists exists to promote and support the practice of accredited Core Process and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. We are committed to promoting Core Process Psychotherapy to the wider profession and to the general public, and jointly with the Karuna Training, represent Core Process and Mindfulness-based practitioners at a national level, including UKCP and other professional bodies.

The ACPP is responsible for maintaining the re-registration and the re-accreditation of Core Process and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapists who are its' members.

We ensure that qualified Core Process and Mindfiulness-based Psychotherapists adhere to the Association's Code of Ethics and we maintain the integrity of the Association itself.

As well as maintaining ethical standards and good practice for individual members, the Association supports members who are experiencing difficulties such as a potential complaint or an ethical dilemma.

As an Accrediting organisation, ACPP can offer full re-registration to accredited UKCP psychotherapists who wish to practise in a mindfulness-based modality and who have not trained at the Karuna Institute. Applicants will need to meet all ACPP’s, UKCP’s and HIPC’s quality standards. Please email our Administrators (admin@ambcpp.com) for more information about this and to receive an application pack.

We provide a web-based forum, Coretalk, for Core Process practitioners to interact and support each other, as well as free listing for practitioners and members events on our website.

We also organise CPD events and hold regular meetings, which all members can attend, subject to boundary considerations.

The history of the ACPP

If you are interested please read about the history of the ACPP , written in November 2009.


Official Information

Association of Core Process Psychotherapists is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England (Company no: 10989846).

Registered Office:
9 High Street, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8QT

Please send all correspondence to
ACPP, PO Box 13438, Kelso, Scotland TD5 9AP, 

or by email to ACPP Administrators at admin@ambcpp.com


ACPP is an Organisational Member of the Humanistic and Integrative College of UKCP



Committee and Organisational Information

Information on what the role of the Committee and the Organisation.