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James Scurry

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UKCP Number 2011170890

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James Scurry - Core Process Psychotherapist

West London Therapy Hub

Hi I’m James Scurry, I’m a Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapist accredited with the UK Council for Psychotherapists [UKCP] and the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists [ACPP]

Core Process Psychotherapy is an awareness-based, contemplative approach to psychotherapy which harnesses both ancient eastern, and contemporary western, thought on the mind and body. 

As the world moves beyond traditional medical approaches to working with mental and emotional distress, Core Process Psychotherapy offers a different way of working with the difficult experiences and feelings that we encounter throughout life.   

During a therapy session we work slowly and safely with where the body leads us in the present moment.  As a somatic (body-based) approach, Core Process Psychotherapy holds the potential to bring about deep and lasting personal transformation.  Working with the body helps us to move beyond our personal stories (the things our conscious minds are already aware of) and into the deeper wisdom residing in our unconscious, which is held in the body.

Core Process Psychotherapy is not a psychotherapeutic approach connected to any one religious tradition, although its teachings are greatly informed by Buddhism.  I draw on a broad cross section of wisdom spanning many spiritual traditions to help people to reconnect with, and to feel held by, something bigger than just themselves. 

A psycho-spiritual perspective to therapy (that’s spiritual with a little ‘s’) means that I help to reorientate my clients back to that which is already whole within them.  There are many different ways of languaging this inherent health which lies at the core of our Being, and during the therapeutic process, each individual comes to feel and understand it in their own unique way.


Abuse, Altered states (diagnoses of psychosis) Anxiety, Attachment Theory, Bipolar, Cancer, Child or Adolescent Issues, Codependency, Contemplative practices, Cultural and Systemic Oppression, Depression, Dissociation, Drug Dependence, Addiction, Family Conflict, Hearing Voices (diagnosis of 'schizophrenia') Historical Trauma, Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties, Internet Addiction, Interpersonal Probelms, LGBTQ Issues, Men’s Issues, Panic attacks, Personal Growth, Diagnoses of 'personality disorders', Post Traumatic Atress (PTSD), Self-Esteem, Self-Harming, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Spiritual Crisis and Spiritual Emergence, Transpersonal issues, Trauma amongst Veterans and Serving Military Personnel.

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