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24th September 2019

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Dear Colleagues

This is to make sure you know that UKCP have produced a new code of ethics

(the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

This will go live on 1st October 2019 and all ACPP members must abide by it. If you've already read it you've probably seen that the principles are the same but it's been rewritten to make it simpler and clearer. However,there are a few new points in that we must:

  • Decline gifts, favours, money or hospitality that might be interpreted as exploitative.
  • Act in a way which upholds the profession's reputation and promotes public confidence in the profession and its members,   including outside of our professional life as a UKCP practitioner.
  • Inform UKCP and any relevant organisational member if we are charged with a criminal offence.

Please check that all your marketing materials (e.g. website, leaflets) refer to the new UKCP code rather than the old one as the name has changed (but if you just say 'UKCP code of ethics' that's fine).

The code is not retrospective. This means that if a complaint is made about something that happened on or after 1 October, it will be reviewed against the new code whereas complaints about something that happened before that date will be reviewed against the old code. Please note that UKCP deals with all complaints by clients about therapists. If you find yourself in this situation then someone from our own Ethics, Equality and Diversity Committee can support you.

ACPP has finalised its own procedure for complaints that aren't held by UKCP (e.g. about supervisors, about ACPP as an organisation or about an individual member where the person making the complaint isn't their client). You can find this procedure in the Ethics Section on the ACPP website

If you have any questions about any ethical issues then please contact Annette Knowles, Chair of the Ethics, Equality and Diversity Committee.

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