Two books published informed by Core Process Psychotherapy


9th June 2016

Published By: Susan Groves

Dear colleagues and friends

For some reason it's with some trepidation that I write to tell you that I've had two books come out in the last few months, one of which is on Core Process and the other is profoundly informed by Core Process though it may only refer to it a few times. (I've included cover images and the Cape Town launch details below - to give you some feel of the work.)

They're available on Amazon and I also hope to be bringing copies to England next year. Cherishing the Wound has an accompanying music CD. (The book has 10 original songs which are on the CD.) At present that needs to be ordered directly from me but I'm thinking of ways of making it available in England as I'm based in South Africa.

The aim of both books is to be accessible to the general reader and they may be of particular interest to therapists and clients.

I feel creativity and Core Process are such obvious companions!

PS Cherishing the Wound was written first, but they've 'arrived' together.

They have been well received and I am grateful.

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