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Lorna Ely

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Lorna Ely

Thrive Psychotherapy

Life's ebbs and flows can bring up a mixture of emotions, experiences and sensations. Sometimes we know what is going on and our coping strategies work well. And sometimes we feel stuck, anxious or overwhelmed with no clear path in front of us.​

Whether it's dealing with past traumas, or current challenges such as  bereavement, divorce, life changes, loss of meaning or anxiety and depression, or questions of identify or faith, psychotherapy and counselling offers the space to pause and deepen our understanding of our own experiences so that we can find a greater sense of freedom and wellbeing. 

Although the journey can start from painful places (and also unearth them along the way), therapy can be a powerful gift to give your current and future self.  


I work with many different issues, including trauma (whether recent or historial), bereavement, anxiety, depression, questions of identity or meaning, spirtual enquiry, relationship difficulties, and finding one's sense of inherent health. 

It is my purpose and privilledge to walk with you as we explore what really matters to you, bringing compassion, healing and integration to your unseen or untold experiences. 

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