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Anna Backholm
+358 40 5362 946
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Helsinki, Finland

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UKCP Number 2011173107

Online / Telephone Sessions Offered

Anna Backholm

I offer therapy both face-to-face in Helsinki, Finland, and also online. I work in Finnish or English. I hold an MA in Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapeutic Practice, and I am working towards UKCP registration in Core Process Psychotherapy.

As a therapist I create a space where you can explore your own inner world. I accompany you on the journey and sense into what might support it in each moment. Things may open up to be seen through bodily sensations, as glimpses which you might not at first think are related to anything, or in how it is to be together. In therapy there is space to be as you are. In joint presence we can meet such aspects of you and your emotions that have not had space before.

I have a strong background in embodied meditation, a deep connection to nature, and I am also a professional in Focusing, which is a way to listen to messages from the body. I am sensitive at feeling into what moves within me and in attuning to another person. I value the power of presence together, equality in meeting and permission to be what one is. I have lived experience around diversity in gender and sexuality.

What might bring you to therapy could be for example:

  • difficulty in taking space to be yourself, in valuing your own needs or in knowing who you actually are
  • difficulty in finding or feeling connection with others
  • traumatic experiences or strong emotions, which are not easy to be present with alone
  • feelings of depression, anxiety, or shame, or not feeling much of anything
  • habitual patterns of action or emotional reactions that you get stuck in
  • feeling that you are not quite at home in your life, searching for your own direction or deeper meaning
  • a wish to connect deeper to yourself or to your body, to accept all sides of yourself

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