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Rob Fairclough
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Walthamstow, Kings Cross/ Islington

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Rob Fairclough - core process psychotherapist

Breathing Space

Breathing space, for you.

You may be here seeking therapy for the first time, or you may have some experience and are considering returning to regular psychotherapy. Either way, welcome. It can be challenging, even confusing, finding the right therapist or type of therapy. I invite you to read on, to see if this feels right for you.

People seek out therapy for many reasons. Perhaps something in particular is getting you down, or causing you some degree of distress. Maybe you are feeling unfulfilled in an area of your life, or you are finding it hard to cope at present. Something may simply not feel quite right, and you want a space to talk and explore.


My Approach.

I am trained in a mindfulness-based psychotherapy, called Core Process Psychotherapy. It is a Western therapeutic approach, informed by Buddhism. Compassion and presence are core aspects of this approach. It is a synthesis of psychodynamics, mindfulness, somatic, existential/ humanistic, and transpersonal approaches. I work with the individual client in mind, orienting to what works for you; not to a predetermined formula. I work holding a deep belief that each and every one of us, regardless of our challenging life experiences, are at our core, just as we entered this world. Through our weekly meetings, and developments in our therapeutic relationship, I aim to support you to regain contact with this part of yourself, through orienting toward the present moment: learn to listen to it, and begin to know and feel how it may support you deeply in your healing journey.

It is my deep wish to guide people through challenging times in their life, by drawing upon my training but also my own experiences of personal suffering, towards a sense of safety, stability, and fulfilment. I aim to provide a safe, compassionate, supportive space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, memories. Through continuously orienting toward the present moment, I would support you to sense into how you are feeling, right now. It is through cultivating this degree of presence that you may experience your feelings in a different, closer way. Healing through awareness.



I have worked mainly in the NHS, in the field of physical health. This is where I first became familiar with chronic disease, and the field of mental health. These experiences, and a growing interest in Eastern disciplines, led me to my training in mindfulness-based psychotherapy. My own psychotherapeutic journey has instilled within me a deep sense of the importance of one’s own wellbeing, particularly in a world which can often feel unsafe, confusing, and overwhelming; cultivating and maintaining one’s own wellbeing, with dedication, can and does open up life to more possibilities, deeper connections, and authentic joy and happiness.

I now work at a local Hospice, in the field of palliative care, as well as in private practice. This experience has given me a deeper insight into working with grief, bereavement, chronic and terminal illness, death and dying.

I hold particular interests in, amongst others, identifying with having low self-esteem/ low confidence, the impacts of childhood bullying, and a sense of depression.   





Health-related issues


Low self-esteem

Stress and anxiety

Isolation, or a sense of

Death/ bereavement

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