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Joanna Monaghan
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London, N1

Canonbury Natural Health Clinic
265 Upper Street
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UKCP Number 2011166888

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Joanna Monaghan - Core Process psychotherapy - London N1

I have personally experienced the benefits of psychotherapy and appreciate the changes it can help to bring about. It has supported me through times of difficulty, and challenged me to explore life in new and ultimately rewarding ways. 

I believe that all of us go through periods of mental and emotional distress in our lives, and that though painful, with the right support the process can be a transformative experience. Ultimately the symptoms of our distress are rooted in the things we go through in our lives. It’s not a question of what’s wrong with us, but rather what’s happened to us, and the ways we have adapted to help us survive. 

The work of psychotherapy is to enable us, as best we can, to come to terms with what has happened to us, and to support us to live more skilfully with the effects we experience in both our minds and our bodies. It is about helping us to find new ways to not only survive, but to thrive. 

My background is in international human rights, which included work to support mental health and wellbeing. And as a co-founder of the Safely Held Spaces project, I am a passionate advocate for more compassionate mental health support in the UK.

Using a mindfulness-based approach in our sessions together, means that we take time to slow down and pay attention, without judgement, to your thoughts, feelings and body sensations in the present moment. By bringing kind awareness to how things are for you right now, we begin to get insights into how your life experiences, including expectations that others had of you, are continuing, often unconsciously, to cause pain and difficulty in your current life. In the light of this increased awareness, deeply held subconscious patterns can shift, freeing you up to discover a greater sense of freedom and possibility in each moment, and allowing you to create change, and to make more satisfying choices in your day to day life.

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