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Gwyn Williams
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Cardiff Tibetan Buddhist Centre
250 Cowbridge Road East
Canton, Cardiff

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UKCP Number 2011170808

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Gwyn psychotherapy Cardiff

Gwyn psychotherapy

Be Who You Are. 

Work with your authentic self, and come into a deeper relationship with yourself.

When we make deep contact with ourselves, we are present to who we are and what is happening around us.
We let go of our patterns that we have held on to all our lives, and have invested in, in order to survive.
As we journey from inner child’s needs to adult awareness, we can replace immature defence mechanisms with behaviour that works better for us now, and helps us to stay in relationship to ourselves and others.

We can give ourselves permission not to carry on in the old ways of being, which are often immature.

When we stop judging our patterns, but understand how they helped get us through our childhoods, we can acknowledge them as our friends, in order for them to dissolve. We don’t need to hide or diminish ourselves in the new story. We can come out as who we really are, and enjoy who we are as we connect with our true nature.

Staying present and in deep contact with ourselves can be frightening, uncomfortable and confrontational. When we accept ourselves at depth, we can understand the inauthentic ways that we have been living, and can sit with the uncomfortable insights, perspectives, thoughts, feelings and processes.

While we can numb out to all this, or act out or project our pain, when we take ownership of our inner lives, we can move through difficulty with self-awareness instead.


Core Process Psychotherapy

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