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Jean Budge - The Whole Works

Each of us shapes our personality into a unique form. We identify with this form and see the world through it. Core Process brings awareness to this shaping of experience and explores the presence of the past in the present moment. This kind of therapy encourages you to let go of fixed patterns and find a place to rest within your own potential.

Our past relationships shape our present relationships and will continue to shape those in the future. If these past relationships have been traumatic or difficult, they may feel as if they are still affecting your life. By exploring these within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, it may be possible for you to find new ways of being with yourself and others.

In Core Process Psychotherapy the relationship between the therapist and the client is based on equality. There is an understanding that you are the only expert on yourself. I bring the skills needed for the exploration, and encouragement when things get obscured or tough.

I believe that the journey towards clarity is a shared one. I also believe in the inherent health of all people; we may have moved away from that health (both mental and physical), but we are always trying to get back to it.

The therapeutic relationship can be seen as a journey, and my presence is a reminder that you are not alone. In the busy world of today, finding somebody to listen can be difficult. Sometimes all that is necessary is to share with another and have your experience acknowledged.

Core Process has its roots in Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice. These have been melded with western personality and psychological theory to bring a unique awareness of body, mind and spirit to the therapeutic relationship.

I trained at the Karuna Institute in Core Process Psychotherapy and have been practising as a therapist since 1999. The Karuna Institute is a member organisation of the United Kingdom Council on Psychotherapy (UKCP) with whom I am registered. I abide by their Code of Ethics.

My decision to train as a psychotherapist was influenced by my interest in working with people and my own explorative journey. I am a New Zealander by birth. I lived in Cumbria for ten years before moving to Edinburgh in 2000. I am enjoying living in the country of my ancestors. I resource myself and my practice by enjoying the space and freedom of the hills and sea and the company of those that encourage me to open my heart.

I have worked in the field of social care since 2005 with a specialism in childhood trauma. I have been delivering training in this field since 2011. I have a particular interest in relational and developmental trauma, attachment, dissociation and shame.

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