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Mark Edmunds
07985 213 594
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No. 10 Counselling Rooms
10 Southgate Street
SO23 9EF

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UKCP Number 2011167915

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Mark Edmunds MA

Hampshire Therapy

My name is Mark and I am a psychotherapist providing both short and long-term therapy to adults in Southampton and Winchester. I also offer therapy online, using Zoom.

We all experience times of difficulty in our lives, when events or relationships feel overwhelming, or we can feel a loss of direction or purpose. Talking to a trained professional helps us make sense of those challenging times and offers a way through them, moving towards a better understanding of ourselves and our feelings.

With mindfulness based therapy we typically focus initially on learning to tolerate feelings and experiences, such as anxiety, stress or depression, that have seemed unfamiliar or unbearable. However, as the therapy process unfolds, this may also include your capacity to be kind and patient with yourself. Together, we find out how you can experience and accept more of who you really are and support the development of new and fulfilling ways of living and expressing yourself.


By cultivating mindfulness, we develop more focus and mental clarity; we extend our awareness to how we live our life and begin to see how our past affects our present. We realise how much meaning and expectation we attach to our experience because of events which occurred in the past or because of our desire to achieve something in the future. Cultivating a genuine curiosity about how we fully experience ourselves, helps us to access a space where we can explore our feelings and sensations 'as they are', free from the restrictions of a critical mind.

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