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Sarah Lidsey
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The Natural Energy Healing
The Old School House, The Courtyard, Bell Street

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Sarah Lidsey

Core Process Psychotherapy

I believe that our natural core emanates who we are, even in the face of life's inevitable challenges and the strategies that we employ in order to survive and thrive.  We all suffer, feel pain and periodically struggle in life.  It is natural.  Together we explore the things that are affecting you, identifying as we do issues and habitual ways of relating that are presently playing out in your life.  We meet these places together with awareness, listening deeply and without judgment to what arises as we sit together.  We focus on what is important to you and how that might be interfering with your ability to function and enjoy life fully.   Whatever is painful or holding you back has the opportunity to be heard, felt, and understood, allowing a reconnection with the elements that reflect more truly who you are.  You give yourself the opportunity, through sensitive exploration, to be with yourself in a different way.  You give yourself the space to initiate change.

Issues that might be present include:





Relationship challenges at home and at work

Complex or Developmental Trauma


Bereavement, Grief, Loss



Core Process Psychotherapy

Neurofeedback with NeurOptimal

Lifeforce Healing, Energy Therapy

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

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