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Ben Hill
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Abingdon Natural Health and Therapy Centre
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UKCP Number 2011165765

Ben Hill, In-Process Psychotherapy

In-Process Psychotherapy

The Psychotherapy I offer in Oxfordshire provides time and space to investigate any material that is important for you.

We will gradually build a relationship, and using this as a vehicle we can explore how you relate to others and the world around you.

As part of this work there will be an emphasis on present moment experience and an exploration of sensations, thoughts, emotions, words, and images that seem important. These experiences provide a gateway for you to become aware of habitual ways of seeing the world. This awareness is an important part in the process of change.

To support you in this exploration I will endeavour to provide a safe, warm space and offer kind encouragement as your process unfolds. I will welcome whatever emerges in our work together and offer reflection if it feels appropriate.

This work tends to be longer term, as it seeks to address deeply rooted tendencies and patterns and bring about lasting transformation.


I work particularly with existential issues and transitions.

This might include loss, death, a failing relationship, trauma.

Sometimes there isn’t anything clear. We’re not feeling alive, we’re unhappy, purposeless, lonely, or frightened.

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