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Psychotherapy can provide you with a valuable opportunity to pause, observe, explore and move forward.

We live in busy and challenging times with many of us struggling to juggle all our needs and wants to our satisfaction. We often feel we fall short, somehow underachieve, and are not quite good enough. In addition, we might well have experienced difficulties in the past, in our childhood or more recently, which we feel we have not fully understood or come to terms with. As a result, we might be dealing with certain symptoms and behaviours which really are not conducive to our overall sense of well-being or health. By bringing gentle but sharper awareness to our thinking, behaviour, feelings and emotions, we can learn to connect again with the inner sense of healing and good-ness present in each of us.

My career and life have given me good insight in the challenges faced by people today in often high-pressure and demanding work and home environments and how difficult it can be to balance these with maintaining healthy personal, professional, relational and social lives. We all want to live full, interesting and active lives, yet can find that this is not always compatible or easily manageable with taking good care of our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. In addition, we aspire to find meaning in what we do which adds yet another layer to be satisfied amidst all the busy-ness. Exploring all of this and how you can align your journey better with your aspirations can be the rich reward of therapy.

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