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Vanessa Hodge
07525 725183
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TA22 9PT

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Core Process Psychotherapy, in person, or online


I have been practising as a body/mind therapist since 2009 and as a core process psychotherapist since 2013. I provide a professional, safe and confidential relationship in which to explore your emotional and psychological wellbeing. I meet you with deep presence, compassion and equanimity.

Psychotherapy can be extremely effective if you are experiencing difficult life circumstances that are proving challenging and overwhelming to be with. 

Over time trust and intimacy are built in the therapeutic alliance between us and it is in this trust that work at depth can be explored to facilitate insight, growth and transformation. 

I work in private practice, one to one, in group settings, on retreat and online; to contact me visit my website at


Somatic, body oriented, embodiment, trauma, early relational wounding.

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