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Ross Crookshank
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Ross Crookshank Psychotherapy

Ross Crookshank Psychotherapy

There are reasons why we feel as we do, and in psychotherapy we can explore these meanings and make some sense of them.

On a simple level, psychotherapy is a conversation, a joint enquiry. Often it is only through talking to another person that we can come to know what it is that we really think or feel. By providing a safe, non-judgemental and empathic environment, a psychotherapeutic relationship can allow our shamed, disconnected, or wounded parts to be met and accepted, and even find their own voice.

Our difficulties, which can sometimes limit our sense of freedom and wellbeing, arise from challenging or painful life experiences. These can often stay with us into our adult lives. Psychotherapy offers the potential for healing by working to uncover and validate the authentic Self. In this endeavor it is a truly creative undertaking.


Embodied Relational Psychotherapy

Interpersonal/Systemic Couples Therapist


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