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Nick Wolstenholme
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East London

204a Cambridge Heath Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9NQ

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UKCP Number 2011163579

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Nick Wolstenholme

E2 Psychotherapy & Counselling

I have a wide experience of working with different conditions and situations, in particular working with stress, anxiety and relationship issues.

I work with an emphasis on facilitating the enquiry in a way that is safe and effective, within a supportive relationship. This can be through exploring feelings, thoughts, dreams, bodily sensations, relationships, whatever feels right for you.

The work combines mindfulness with other western psychotherapeutic models to gently create an empathic relationship in which your enquiry can be held, in order to meet the aims and needs you bring.

It is not necessarily about regression to the past but more about deepening into your present experience, bringing awareness to all that we are, including the positive and light with the more painful and inhibiting patterns, in unconditional acceptance.







I have a Diploma in specialist psychotherapy with ex-boarders and work with a number of ex-boarders in my practise.

I am particularly interested in working with the developmental trauma and complex post traumatic stress disorder.

I am currently studying NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) with Dr Larry Heller.


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