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Accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor - Edinburgh and Scottish Borders

Firmly rooted in the Core Process Psychotherapeutic approach, I practice in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders. I also offer supervision for trainee and accredited counsellors and psychotherapists.

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The 'Mindfulness-Based Living' Course - Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders

An eight-week programme which introduces a way to bring a mindful and compassionate approach into day to day living. It teaches the core prinicples of mindfulness and compassion through a range of simple practices. By the end of this programme participants will have more self awareness and a range of practices to support them in their day to day living.

This programme was developed by the Mindfulness Association for the University of Aberdeen's MSc degree course in Mindfulness Studies.

For more information about the MBCL programme, please call 07796 530 119 or visit:

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Supervision - Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders

Supervision for Trainee and Accredited Psychotherapists

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Future Vision for ACPP

Gathering to explore a Future Vision for ACPP facilitated by Sue Roberts the intention is to give members the opportunity to have a say in what they want from the organisation and how they see it evolving to become an Accrediting Organisation.

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